Improving Reading Skill on the Narrative Text through Story Mapping of the Second Year Students at MTs Darussalam (PBING-28)

Today English as one of the subject matters learned by the students is given at any educational level, such as elementary school, intermediate school, and upper intermediate level. It is the key to face the globalization era. As an international language, it plays in important role in many aspect of life such as education, economics, technology, and etc. English language covers four language skills that must be mastered if someone to be successful in English, namely: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Reading is one of the language skills which is important for academic success because reading is the basic to learn English. It usually integrated with other English skill. Reading is the process of reconstructing the writer’s idea written in a text or printed symbols based on background and experience. According to the curriculum of the Junior High school curriculum, the students are expected to have interest in English and to develop their abilities, especially in reading. Reading has many kinds of the text. They are narrative, descriptive, recount, procedure, and report etc. According to the syllabus, narrative text is taught to the second year students of junior high school.
In learning process, there are many problems that are faced by students. In Students of MTs Darussalam here, especially in reading comprehensions they are difficult to understand the meaning of the text given by the teacher and they can’t differentiate the language feature of the text. For this reason, teaching reading for the students in junior high school needs appropriate technique in order that the students are active and understanding in reading lesson. In teaching reading to the students in junior high school, the teacher should pay attention not only on how the right implementation of the techniques are suited for the students characteristics but also on students participants in activities that simultaneously promote the development of reading skill. It is the target to create the teaching learning process becoming interesting and understanding to the students in order to reach the learning goal.

From the statement, the researcher uses story mapping strategy in teaching reading as an implementation for knowing the student’s reading achievement and the researcher believe that story mapping can make the students understanding. Story mapping strategy is a strategy that uses a story map to introduce the basic structure and essential elements of story. It will help the students understanding the story well by identifying the parts of story in detail with fascinating layout story map. In the same way, they are able to remember the content of story by using story map as visual media.
According to Galuh Dwi Retno (2008), story mapping is a common cognitive strategy used to assist in the recall of events from a story, to improves the students’ ability in comprehending reading text. Story mapping used a chart the story structure. These can be organized into fictions and non-fictions text structures. For example, defining characters, setting, events, problem, and resolution in a fiction story. However in non-fiction story, main idea and details would be identified.
Cecil Fore III, Shanna Hagan-Burke, Mark D. Burke, (2004) Report that the use of story mapping to improve the reading comprehension of students with specific learning disabilities who exhibited reading deficits. Also of interest was whether the effects would maintain once the intervention was discontinued.
Based on the data gotten from pre-observation the writer wants to make classroom action research by, the title “Improving Reading Skill on the Narrative Text through Story Mapping of the Second Year Students at MTs Darussalam Aryojeding”.

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