The Comparative Study between Using a Series and Single Pictures on Student's Speaking Achievement of Second Semester at State Islamic College Of Tulungagung (PBING-29)

Language is a tool of communication, which is important in human’s life. According to Roqib, the function of the language chronologically is to give expression, communicate, and make integration and social control. With language, people will communicate either when they want to express their idea or receive message from other people. Language is a tool of communication used by human to interact with others. Language has a universal nature, so everyone can use it without looking at race, ethnic group, and social status until international and intercontinental. Brown says that language is also used as a tool of communication or interaction with other people.[1]
            By developing science and technology more and more, the necessity to master English for Indonesian, especially intellectuals and the candidate of intellectuals (students) looks more obvious. It is caused by the position of English in the world now days. English is one of the greatest languages in the world used as communication both oral and writing.
     It is common that mastering English is obligation. The reality proves that mastering English is very important to continue study to the high level, to get a job, to keep up with science and technology development, and to communicate in global era. To communicate speaking is needed for real communication among people. By speaking, we will able to express our ideas and feeling. This reality makes teachers thinking that their students should master speaking ability.

     Regarding to the explanation above, the teacher must be able to use medias, strategies and technique in teaching and learning process. One the strategies are the use of media in teaching learning process. A proper media such as picture can help teacher to present material in class. Media in classroom is appropriate for triggering ideas, understanding the difficult subject or lesson and holding attention on important ideas. Therefore, the teaching and learning process becomes more effective and efficient to reach the goals of instruction.
     Media are instrument used by the teacher to make an effective and communicative interaction between the teacher and the student during teaching and learning process. Besides, it can also be used to arise the student participation. If the media is not suitable with the lesson or the material, it will create a different perception, so the use of media very meaningful in teaching learning process.
     Based on the reasons above, the student can stimulate their expression and feeling orally throughout picture.  According to Hadi Purnomo, some students are not easy to speak up delivering their opinion. They have many ideas in their minds, but it is so difficult to say. Rager Sparry, a biologist said that it is working system of the brain to describe and to visualization getting trouble. Based on his research, brain will be easier responding and expressing orally or written information (knowledge) throughout picture and color.[2]
     Picture is one of the visual aids that can describe human’s imagination. By using picture, we can predict not only from what we hear and read but also from what we see around us or what we never see before. Besides, the use of picture also makes students become more interesting in the lesson, and they are easy to remember the lesson. Many famous people as like Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Piccaso and Winston Churcill use picture media to memorize, to understand and to express their minds by picture. Therefore, many people use picture as media in teaching learning process.[3]
     According to Noor Azlina Yunus, the pictures are grouped into four groups: these include a composite, an individual, a series and specialized picture.[4] In this research, the writer chooses a series picture and single picture as the media. Single picture is a picture with single object, person or activity. While Series picture is some composite sequence pictures which tell a story.[5] Both of them are very familiar with the student so that, they can help them to express their idea. A series picture is very important for helping students who are often speechless when they are asked to express their ideas. A series pictures consist of some pictures with their story, so when the students are losing the vocabulary or ideas the next picture/story will give them idea to speak up. On the basis of the use of the two kinds of pictures, the study is directed to compare which picture is may be more contributive to students to express their ideas.

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