The Effectiveness of Using Vocabulary Disc as a Teaching Media to the Student’s Vocabulary Improvement of the Fourth Years Student at SDI Sunan Giri Ngunut

In this chapter, the researcher will present eight topics related to this research, those include of background of the study, formulation research of problem, purpose of the study, significant of the study, scope and limitations of the study, the hypothesis, the definition of key term, and organization of the study.

A.      Background of the Study
Language is an instrument to address and to understand idea, reason, feeling, either orally or written.[1] Language is communication to transfer or to explain idea or knowledge to another person. It means that without language human can not develop their idea and their culture. In other word, language has very important roles in human’s life, since language is the source of human life and power.[2]
English an international language; it is used by most of the people in the world. In Indonesia, English is one of foreign language. The application of teaching and learning process undergoes many problems, because teaching English is difficult from teaching other language such as: Indonesia, Javanese, etc. The teacher can not do that, the teaching and learning process will not run well, and the object of teaching will be difficult to be achieved.
Actually English has been taught starting from kindergarten or elementary level, but most of Indonesia people still can not use English for communication well. Such condition may be caused by many factors such as the method, the media, and the technique used are not appropriate. English consist of four skills, they are: speaking, listening, writing, and reading. To master English, learners need to master vocabulary, it means that without an extensive vocabulary and strategies in enquiring new vocabulary, the learners often achieve less that their potential opportunities around them such as listening to radio, listening to native speaker, using language in different contexts, reading or watching TV.[3]
Vocabulary is very important for every learner who wants to master English. The learner will find difficulty to master English if their vocabulary is less. It implies that the learners must have sufficient vocabulary to support their effort to master English.
However, in classroom setting many learners find difficulty to enrich their vocabulary or to memorize that new word given by the teacher. It is something normal for the learners, because English not their mother tongue. It is a hard job for the teacher to make is student understand and remember new words they never heard before. Therefore to teach vocabulary the teacher must have creativity in teaching and learning process. The Teachers need to present material in memorable away.
In the past, vocabulary in teaching and learning were often given little priority, but recently there has been renewed interest in the nature of vocabulary in learning and teaching.[4] But, the fact shows that the learners get bored in teaching vocabulary. Teaching and learning vocabulary process is not interesting and monotonous. The teacher just force the student to memorize some words as a result, it makes student can not memorize some words well. The teacher will give punishment to the student; this way is boring method and is not good for the students’ psychology.
In teaching and learning vocabulary there are various methods how to learn and teach it like contextual meaning, demonstration picture, using instructional design and media. Vocabulary mastery can not be separated from the way how the material presented or delivered. One a way to support the teaching of that material is the use of media.
There are many media might be used to teach English in elementary level, because teaching for children or elementary level and high level students are not the same, according to Scottt and Sternberg: “The adult’s word and the children’s are sold aren’t the same”. Children do not always understand what adult are telling about. Adults usually find out by the meaning of the unknown words or the answer by asking question, but children do not always ask. [5]
Using a vocabulary audio Disc is a simplistic method to enhance learning of new words on elementary levels. This is based on audio perception that is applied which allows vocabulary to be learned on two levels. The first level is through listening to the words. Hearing the pronunciation through the words and listening to the meaning, immediately allows the brain to register and process the words through auditory observation and learning processes. The procedure is further followed with the capacity to use phonetics, repetition and application to the words through listening to tune into the correct uses of the words.
This concept further applies to a pedagogical method for teaching vocabulary to children or adult. This is done through the audio-lingual method. The concept behind this is to provide levels of listening to application of the words. When using this method, the vocabulary audio disc should provide comprehension, speaking, reading and writing for linguistics. Doing this allows students to understand what words mean simply by hearing them, combined with outside applications that help with comprehension of the reading materials. This allows children to apply several levels to vocabulary, making it easier to learn.
The main approach with the audio-lingual method is known to assist in vocabulary building at various levels. The first of these is the ability to expand vocabulary through both communication and reading comprehension. The second is to have the capacity to master specific words, as well as the context they are applied in through different levels of vocabulary. This is combined with the ability to understand words through mimicry, which adds onto the comprehension levels used with this particular device. For those that learn best by hearing, combined with seeing, is a method that supports complete learning.[6]
The researcher chooses Disc as a media to teach and learning because Disc has strength like; can movement the material by slowly or fast, advance or go back.[7] This is appropriate with the children’s characteristic like doing things, like learn the activity of ways, for example by watching, listening, imitating, and doing thing.[8] The special this media for for other media is appropriate with globalization and can improve student’s skill in English for elementary level.
In this study, the researcher chooses SDI Sunan Giri Ngunut because sometime they learn lesson in the media room in order to make them not boring, but not to learn English, and there is media room at SDI Sunan Giri Ngunut not to use it with maximal in the teaching and learning especially in teaching and learning English. It makes the researcher choose SDI Sunan Giri Ngunut to research about the Disc as media to teach English vocabulary because in the media room has DVD/VCD, TV, and Projector to support this research to get data in the research. SDI Sunan Giri Ngunut in four year here is divided into two classes, one class 30 students, and the researcher chooses in A class.

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